Days 84-89

14-19 December 2017

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia! One of my most favorite places because the people I have met here are so fantastic!

Everyone should come to Belgrade at least once to experience it and I HIGHLY recommend staying at El Diablo Hostel. This is easily now #1 on my list. It’s like being at home. The staff are some of the best people you will ever meet. If you’re not a jerk and you follow the house rules, you will have a great time. Also! You get a free breakfast at a restaurant around the corner with an El Diablo breakfast card.

Dragan seductively slicing bread.

Food seems to always be around but you need to bring in your own and cook to share. It’s like a family so make enough for the other people that are hanging around in the hostel and it’ll come back around.

The patio is the perfect little space for smoking, afternoon tea, and morning-after gossiping.

I didn’t want to leave but I had a plane to catch to the Netherlands on the 20th that I absolutely could not miss.

Belgrade Fortress

ALSO! Go to Bar Central and get a chili margarita.


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