Days 75-79

05-09 December 2017

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Christian and I arrived in Ljubljana early in the evening. I was tired and getting snappy. After getting food and checking in to the Airbnb I was much better.  We ate and watched the snowfall from bed. Not many things are better than simply peaceful moments like that.


The day following was the day of the great migraine. It was absolute Hell. I couldn’t stand straight and I could barely talk. It felt like my body was burning from the inside out and my stomach was put in a blender. Thank taco for Christian because without him I probably would’ve scalped myself. I managed to climb into the shower. I tried not to cry because crying makes my head feel worse when I have a migraine. Traveling and getting migraines is something I need to manage better. I’m not sure how yet because I haven’t found a way to prevent them yet and I don’t have any of my medication.

When I was finally better, Christian and I went for a walk through the snow to the city center, drank hot wine, got ramen, and drank more hot wine. In that one night, I fell in love with the city.


We didn’t really do much other than walk around and eat. One of the cafés that we went to had a pole upstairs so you know we had to swing around a few times.

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