Days 68-74

28 November – 04 December 2017

Naples & Pompeii, Italy

Christian and I got to the train station and I already was liking the city while walking to the Airbnb. The walk to the apartment was only about ten minutes from the main train and bus station which was probably the best location we could’ve gotten. The host was fantastic and even walked with us to show us his favorite pizza place in the area. Pizza, wine, and cake make a very happy Kat.

The first venture for day one in Naples was a stop into the art café across the street. Buddha Art Café is on my list of favorite cafes, without a doubt. The people are so kind and make ace coffee and pastries. We ended up going in a few times and spending no less than three hours each time. I don’t know how Christian and I manage to always end up talking for hours and hours, getting absolutely nothing done. It’s nice having people that you can chat to forever and never run out of things to talk about.


A few friends that have visited Naples before told me to be careful while here. The only thing that was off about the city, to me, was that it was extremely dirty and nasty in some areas. I liked having the grimy parts close to the nice parts. It makes the city feel real; no one’s trying to hide the gross underbelly. Some places were difficult to walk through, I can’t lie, but I just wouldn’t go down that street again.

The second Airbnb that we stayed in was nowhere near as nice as the first. Most of the doors in the apartment were locked with signs warning no one to go in. We came up with a few stories of what were behind the doors until I worried myself too much and thought that we were about to be the main characters of a horror film. It was small and cold but there was a nice rooftop. We didn’t get to enjoy that though because it was windy and wet the whole stay there. We did, however, get to have great pizzas and a movie night!

Christian and I were planning on taking a day trip to Pompeii early in the stay but didn’t get around to it until the last day there. When we watched Pompeii, Christian and I figured that we didn’t need to really do any research on the history and go strictly off of the clearly made-up Hollywood story. We’ll figure out what to do and where to go when we eventually got there. Christian and I dropped our bags at a hostel thinking we’d pick them up later in the evening. We ended up on the wrong train and ended up in the middle of nowhere. We thought about getting off there but decided to stay on and ride it back to Naples and get on the correct train. It was already getting late but we still went for it and decided to get a hostel or cheap Airbnb when we arrive even though all our belongings (laptops, cameras, everything) are sitting out in the open of some hostel in a city hours away. Sometimes you just have to hope for the best.


The hotel Christian got for that night was way too nice and I loved it. It wasn’t as nice as staying in a home with a full kitchen but it felt like a vacation from my holiday-now-regular-life. We got food a couple doors down at Stuzzico. The owner and staff were so kind and welcoming. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a homey place to get good food, I highly recommend this place.

The following morning we grabbed breakfast at a café and head in to the historical part of the city. We weren’t really interested in seeing the ruins… We only paid to get in so we could recreate scenes from the film. I know. We’re the worst type of people. Blah, blah, blah. We were great. Personally, I think we could’ve easily won multiple Oscars if they cast us in the film instead.

Russo Films will be releasing our version of the film in 2028.

While heading back to Naples, Christian and I planned our next stop together, changed our minds about five times and then we were pretty sure we knew where we were going.

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