Days 55-61

15-21 November 2017

Barcelona, Spain

 I originally planned my Barcelona trip around filming locations of Cheetah Girls 2. Don’t judge me. I’m a Cheetah sister for life. I only got half of the things on my list done because I spent so much time in bed with awful migraines and then being too afraid to go explore out of fear of the migraine coming back. I did manage to pull the strength together to go to Park Güell, Bunkers del Carmel, and wander up and down La Rambla de Barcelona, down to the harbor, and to a nice bar.

I seemed to have fallen into a strange and very unexpected mid-journey depression the first full day there. I didn’t really have any drive to do anything or socialize at all. My days were spent drinking tea and getting lost in my mind. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do when I get home. Working, taking classes, traveling more. I tried to find a good order in which to do things and nothing seemed like it would work. I became too stressed and lost all motivation to do absolutely anything for days. I slept too much, ate too little, and talked to people only when I absolutely had to.

The last couple of days is when I managed to be productive. I walked for what seemed like forever and up a steep hill to Bunkers del Carmel. I sat up there for an hour or so just taking in the view and enjoying the warm weather. I went to Madame Jasmine for drinks one night and it got a bit out of hand. I met so many great people and the bar overall was great. It took a lot for me to force myself to go out but I’m pleased I did. I wish that I explored more of the city but I felt stuck in my mind.

Somehow, I thought that going far away would get me out of the rut I was in. I decided that I will dedicate more time to Spain on my next trip near here and booked a flight to Rome.

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