Days 39-44

30 October – 04 November 2017

Nürnberg, Germany

I fell asleep on one of the trains from Landau to Nürnberg. Huge mistake. I ended up in a scary train station in the middle of the night and got harassed by jackasses while I was in line for coffee. The next train out in the direction I needed to go in wasn’t until an hour and a half later. Great night. After that mess, I made it to the Five Reasons Hostel; my favorite hostel so far. The bathrooms, showers, and rooms were large and clean, the staff was phenomenal, and everything seemed to run extremely smooth.


I traveled around the city and got acquainted to it after sleeping a whole day which was nice. I met up with a friend of mine from Florida who is spending a month in Nürnberg. We had some good food (options for vegetarians are quite limited at traditional German restaurants) then went to Nürnberg Castle which was pretty cool. The city is small and after spending so much time there you feel like it’s time to move on to the next place but I had a few more days to go until my bus to Paris. Luckily, I met a totally rad guy from Maryland while at my hostel. We spent a lot of time together and really connected on that abnormal raw-self deep-secrets level. It was definitely a night that I won’t forget.


The days I spent with him were probably the best part of my Nürnberg adventure. I thought about things that I have been pushing to the back of my mind, remembered things that I forgot about years ago, and made a good friend. **You can’t pick your friends but you can pick your friends’ noses.** I also learned the importance of being careful with tennis balls around windows with spikes on the window sill. Really though. The last night before he left we made cheap-but-superb glühwein (hot wine). I will probably be making that very often while traveling in hostels and sharing it with anyone that’s around.


The following day was spent walking around and drinking tea which was the best way to wrap up this part of trip.

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