Days 31 – 33

22 – 24 October 2017

Prague, Czech Republic

I love you guys. I’m sorry that I’m not keeping up with posting everyday. I just have been so dead tired and I am starting to think that posting the highlights of a couple days in one post may be better than sometimes lame short entries. We’ll see how this goes.

My first day was wandering around extremely exhausted from the overnight bus. I saw a lot of the city while waiting for check-in even though it felt like I was dragging around my own dead weight. The hills, colorful buildings, little shops, they all tied in so beautifully. There was a little park in between old buildings with a pond and dozens of peacocks. I didn’t know peacocks lived in Prague so I was very surprised and delighted to sit down and chill with them for a little while.


I fell asleep in a café and hurried back to the hostel because it was after check-in time and I can finally sleep laying down. The hostel was okayish for the price… It just seemed a bit sketch y from the outside. The sign was a piece of paper taped to the door.


Also, there was absolutely no security, the dorm room doors didn’t lock, the shower was one large room that didn’t have a lock on the door to the hallway, and there was nowhere to keep any belongings. Instead of the bunk beds being two beds, there were three stacked on top of each other and it shook a lot whenever anyone moved. I kept waking up thinking I was falling and thought the bed was breaking under me.


I slept for a few hours then took an extremely quick shower because I was scared someone would come in. I went out to Cross Club for a few drinks with a nice couple that I met earlier in the day. I highly suggest going there if you’re into the alternative bar scene. It is cash only so make sure you go prepared.


I slept most of the second day. I went to Petrin that night to see Petrin tower. I thought it would be nicer to see it at night while it was lit up. Well… I got lost. So lost. I was in a park and somehow managed to wonder off one of the trails. I found what looked like a half-demolished castle in the park. To set the scene: It’s pitch black outside with one lit lantern, I’m alone, in basically the woods, by a big cliff that drops off.  I was so terrified. It’s not a good idea to go in but how many times in your life do you just accidentally  stumble across an abandoned castle?


I go in and take a few photos then almost fell down stairs because a homeless guy that must have been sleeping there jumped out and yelled. I don’t know who scared who more. I haul-butt out of there and speed walk to what I think is the way I came in. I hear someone following me. I stop waking. They stop walking. I start walking. They start walking. I start walking REALLY FAST. I finally make it out and I’m in an area that seems to be student housing because there are many college-aged kids going from building to building. Thank the holy potato that I ended up here. A lot of people and more street lights. I give up on exploring for the night. I take a bus and a tram back to the hostel and go to sleep. I’m never wandering into a wooded area alone at night ever again. …Well, maybe if there seems to be good photo opportunities.


Day #3 in Prague was spent wandering around in other areas. I felt a bit out of place here which was okay but it gave me an odd feeling of loneliness. I came to the point where I felt like I needed a friend around. In my opinion, traveling alone is something everyone should experience. It is easily one of my most favorite things in life. With that said, I still once in a while get this lonely feeling that makes me feel lost for a bit. I could be doing something really fun or seeing something really beautiful and really wish I could share that memory with someone. Sometimes, I have something on my mind and really want to just sit and discuss it over tea in the middle of the night but I have to settle for unanswered video calls. Being alone is not always as great as it seems. Most of the time, yes. All of the time, no.


I’m glad my next stop was Landau, Germany because I get to see my amazing friend that lives there! On the way back to the hostel I stopped for a bottle of Czech wine to bring to Germany with me.

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