Day 30

21 October 2017

Warsaw, Poland

I got a nice two and half hours of sleep last evening. I was excited to start the day and walk around more, maybe lay in a park to draw. I got dressed and noticed it was raining. Fantastic. Slightly changing my plans now but it’s all good! I can make do and still find some interesting places. I’ll just be a bit damp throughout the day.


I went to the post office to send out postcards. A lot of post cards because I forgot to mail the ones from Netherlands… and Ireland… and one from England. Oops. They will all get to you soon if you are on the postcard list!

I had a latte in a beautiful boutique café drinking a cappuccino and listened to old American jazz bar music. I’m loving it and it makes me miss the little cafes at home.

The only thing that is getting to me on this trip is not knowing how to speak Polish. I should have learned the language twenty years ago. I’m walking around and trying to talk to people and actually feel quite ashamed of myself. If I had a “superpower” it would be to be able to speak every language fluently. This is absolutely, without a doubt, my one ridiculously unattainable wish in life.


I had green pierogis for dinner and green cake for desert. I felt like I should have also had green eggs and ham. When I get home I will make colored pierogis instead of plain pierogis. Pretty pierogis like SpongeBob’s pretty patties.

I am now on a bus to Prague. It’s 21:50 and I should be arriving around 06:50. The ride will consist of drawing, watching My Fair Lady, and sleeping. Hopefully, a big adventure is ahead of me tomorrow.

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