Day 29

20 October 2017

Warsaw, Poland

I plan on coming back eventually to spend more time here to see more of the country. People are scattered around the city playing accordions and it reminds me of growing up listening to polka music. I walked through Old Town Warszawa and took so many photos and videos. I didn’t do anything in particular other than walk around and get lost.



I did try to go to The Horror House which is like an interactive haunted house experience but you need a party of two to get in. I would’ve asked someone to go with me but no one was around that I could have asked.



I went stopped at a coffee shop to get a latte and cake. It was great because I ended up having the whole place to myself. The upstairs is a café and downstairs is a cool bar.

I was planning on going out for dinner but finances are tight and I eat more than enough Polish food at home already. I’ll stop tomorrow for cheap pierogis before I leave for Prague. It’s 21:30 right now and I’m already in bed. The view from my room is great and I can hear all the people at the bars in the courtyard. It’s relaxing and I like the constant noise.

Photos from the day…

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