Day 28

19 October 2017

Warsaw, Poland

I got a very late start this morning. I walked to a cafe to write and draw for what felt like an hour. Three and half hours went by. Oops. Relax Cafe is too relaxing.

After spending way too much time in the coffee shop I found myself in a jewelry store. I got a really nice amber and silver necklace for my grandmother. I’m not sure if she will like it but she asked for something from Poland and I thought this was just the right thing. I went to a few other shops and a grocery store to get things for the next couple of days. I headed back to the hostel because I was feeling strange today. I figured it would be better to just chill and lay down. I’m not in any rush to do things or be anywhere so there’s nothing lost.

The agenda for tonight is to eat and watch Kung Fu Hustle.

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