Day 26

17 October 2017

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Another unimaginably perfect day. I don’t want to leave but I know I must eventually. My flight to Warsaw, Poland leaves at 07:30 tomorrow morning from Eindhoven. I will probably just skip sleeping all together because I have to leave for the train at 03:00.

The morning started off kind of rough. I woke up with a migraine. Usually sugar is my main headache trigger but this time it was stress. Not regular stress but knowing I’d be leaving. I took a long shower and kept telling myself that things are going to continue to be this great throughout my travels. The past month I have been more emotional than normal and this situation is making it difficult for me to not get attached. I ate food, after refusing to because the migraine was making me nauseous, and it helped a little. I drew a bit and iced my head. I forced myself to get up and feel better. Thank goodness that I’m in such a calming atmosphere because there was a good chance of it getting a lot worse. Surprisingly, after a while it actually worked. I couldn’t let my last day here go to waste.

Living Room Wall Painting 

J and I made our way to Rotterdam Centraal to get a train to Delft. I was excited to see a new city before I left the country. Especially another one that isn’t overly polluted with tourists. It was everything I hoped to see. It was a small less crowded version of Amsterdam. The architecture was stunning and reminded me of old children’s storybooks.


We had coffee at a cute cafe called Kek. We sat talking and I wish I could record that moment in time to come back to. Although, I felt terribly awkward trying to keep all my thoughts in my head.

Not my photo. I forgot to take one.

We stopped for food and beer at Locus. I then discovered something that I did not realize was missing from my life. Pineapple and cheese toasties. Oh my goodness gracious. I get that it may sound strange but my life is now changed forever and this will be a regular meal for me when I get back home. How is this not a thing in Florida already? It is so Floridian! Pineapple! On grilled cheese!


Once I finished the best sandwich to ever grace this planet we headed to J’s friend’s home and it was beautiful. For reference, It looked like a cool studio apartment in New York with huge windows, high ceilings, mismatched furniture, and art scattered around. We had tea and a nice chat then realized we had to get a move on because we had a lot to do in little time. We got onto an overcrowded tram to the train. We made it back to Rotterdam with just enough time to pick up paint from his studio and food from the grocery store before it closed.

I made a pretty pathetic excuse for Key lime pie. I didn’t make enough filling or the pan was too big so it was kind of flat. It still tasted great though!  Dinner was a Key lime pie tart, potato chips, and white wine. It was the Floridian version of the last supper.

20171017_214837 (1).jpg

We made a beautiful painting together at the end of the evening. Then we spent a couple great hours getting paint off of our skin. While sitting, scrubbing paint off of our legs, I got that feeling again. I was completely in awe. I realized what time it is and that I have to leave in a few hours. My heart started to ache.

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