Day 25

16 October 2017

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I love waking up. Sleeping is one of my most loved past-times but recently waking up has been. It’s the simple things that have been bringing me the most joy recently. Seeing trees with orange and brown leaves with the easy morning light shining through the windows and the feeling of warmth against me is one of the things I wish I could hold onto forever.


Breakfast and coffee with an amazing person every morning is another thing that I could easily get used to. I feel like I haven’t been my normal loud self lately but I think it’s because I’m busier trying to focus in on every detail and aspect of life here. I’m sure I’m a lot more tolerable this way and I’m starting to think that this is possibly the better version of myself. I’m definitely not changing that about myself permanently. Once I’m back to my natural surroundings I’ll be back to my eccentric and extra self.

J took me out for “American” pancakes for lunch. (Please message me or comment if you live in America and you eat pancakes with sour cream.) I think the pancakes at Lilith are better than all the pancakes I have had in The States. The sizing of them and the flavor is more satisfying and now I’ll need to travel to Rotterdam for American pancakes. Go figure. This place is overall incredible even down to the art on the tables. We got iced lattes because it is still unusually warm outside. They came in glass skull jars with syringes in the lids and the server “injected” the espresso into the milk. If the women from the funeral home that I work in back home and I opened a restaurant I feel like it would be a lot similar to this. The owner of the restaurant has an old hearse that she serves coffee out of and I think that makes her way cooler than I will ever be. If I tried to serve coffee out of the hearse that I drive I would be in seriously serious trouble.


We walked to the Erasmusbrug, a pretty white bridge, to take photos because when you stand under the structure it looks very alien spaceship-y. It was interesting to look at so I can’t wait to send the photos to my dad because he designs and builds bridges back home.

Next was a walk down along the water to Fenix Food Factory so I could see it and try some of the dark beers but they were closed. We went across the street to Café De Ouwehoer. It was dark, beautifully decorated, and reminded me of the old small fancy bars in New York. I had the best beer I have ever had in my life. Absolutely amazing. Kompaan’s Bloedbroeder. Once I get home I’m going to see if I can have a few cases delivered to Florida. I would’ve sat there forever chatting about nearly everything in life but sadly we don’t have forever.

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