Day 22

13 October 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hotel that I am staying in tonight, Hotel Nieuw Slotania, is far from Amsterdam’s city central but it’s in a really nice area. There’s an outdoor market, a big grocery store, a nice park, and a tram station all right next to it. So even though it’s far, there is still a lot going on. I walked and walked as usual and the first thing I notice is the very impressive art on some of the buildings. If I ever buy a house I think I’m going to hire an artist to paint murals on the back and sides. I like the idea of public art. Not everything should be inside of a museum that you have to pay for.

On my way to a park I see a little bug on a flower. This is one of my most favorite pictures because when I took her(?) photo she stretched out her leg like she was showing it off.


I also passed a windmill that seemed quite out of place on the side of a main road. I got the angle of the photo just right so you couldn’t tell that it’s on the side of the road and next to an apartment building.


I walked through Eendrachtspark and found a tree stump to sit on while I drew. I’m not a good artist, I know this, but I can try to be. I sat for what seemed like a few minutes but it was really an hour. I pulled myself up to walk towards the grocery store to pick up food for tonight and tomorrow morning.


I could feel myself getting a cold or something. This is not good. I’m not going out tonight because I don’t want to feel worse than I already do. I hope this blows over quickly because I can’t afford to be sick.

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