Day 20

11 October 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The plan for today was wake up early and get to Amsterdam by noon. With sleeping in, a trip to Aldi, breakfast, a trip back to the hotel to get my bag, sitting in the train station Starbucks, and a quick goodbye so I didn’t wallow and become sad, I finally got on a train. It was a good start to the day and I wanted to make it last as long as possible. While I was on the back of J’s bike riding to the hotel I felt one of my favorite feelings. It feels like you just woke up or a window in your mind open and let a cool breeze in. The feeling of the pure joy of being alive. Again, I find myself in a position of what ifs and not wanting to leave. I am excited to see what Amsterdam has to offer me, though.


I checked into the Bulldog Hotel and was quick to get settled in and lay down. I feel emotionally and physically drained from the excitement of the past two days. I really need to do laundry so maybe I should try to do that tonight. … Nah. It can wait. Goodnight!

The Bulldog Hotel

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