Day 18

09 October 2017

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Today was the official start of the Rotterdam adventure! I woke up with some tea and then got ready for the day. It took a while to get up and going but I was out and about eventually. I walked through the streets and may have gotten lost a little but it worked out well. I ended up under the Cube Houses. They were designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom. Each house represents a tree and together the houses make a forest. His idea was to make a small village in a big city. The houses optimize space and functionality because of their 45 degree angle. The question I need answered is: When can I move in?


The view from nearly every one is nice. One side looks over Le Vieux Port de Rotterdam (The Old Port of Rotterdam).


I walked across the street to Markthal. It’s an indoor market with cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and souvenir  shops.


It isn’t as big as looks from the outside but it’s still nice inside. The ceiling is completely covered in bright flowers, fruits, and vegetables.


I bought a stroopwafel to eat outside while I took in the scenery and watched people walk by. This was the perfect breakfast. Always start the day with a healthy meal.


I headed back to the hotel just in time because it started raining a bit. I meant to lay down for a while to relax but I fell asleep, which doesn’t surprise me at all. I think I could sleep for a straight 48 hours if given the chance. Once I was awake and feeling alive again I headed out for dinner at Soi3. I’m always down for Thai food so when it was suggested it was a yes from me right away. After dinner, my new friend (we will call this person J) and I headed to Bar 3 for a couple beers. It’s a very cubed day. (It’s ok if you didn’t laugh at my joke because I did.)

I think I am really digging it here.

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