Day 16

07 October 2017

Rotterdam, Netherlands

19:00 So about last night! I ended up in a bar with no live music (only Wednesdays), a bunch of men, absolutely no women, and my mind telling me to go somewhere else. I sat down and ordered a beer. After a few minutes, I became friends with a few of the best men in Holland. I played pool for the first time and won! It was pure luck; I wasn’t any good. It was actually quite embarrassing but I had the time of my life. The men who are used to the all men atmosphere gladly took me in with a warm welcome. We shared stories, laughs, and maybe a few too many beers. Making the very questionable decision of staying lead to a completely unexpected fabulous night. This definitely makes my list of top favorite memories.


Cafe De Oude Sint Joris

I took an afternoon train to Rotterdam and slept most of the way. Of course. Once I got to Rotterdam Centraal I stopped into a café and got a cappuccino hoping it would wake me up a bit more. It didn’t work. I took a taxi to Hotel Baan instead of walking because it was raining. Another great surprise this part of the trip was that I got a room to myself when I thought I booked a bed in a hostel dorm. It was a small room but it was perfect for me. Small, with a sink, and a beautiful balcony view off of a not so great balcony.

I have been sleeping most of the day since checking in and I still feel so exhausted. I think I’ll do a quick grocery store run to pick up some food for dinner then go back to sleep. I’m in no rush to be anywhere or do anything.

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