Day 15

06 October 2017

Eindhoven, Netherlands

19:00 The flight from Dublin to Eindhoven was perfect. I slept the whole way here. When I got off the plane I immediately looked for food and I came across cupcakes with grasshoppers on them. I’m not quite sure if this is a normal thing here but it’s interesting to see bugs being sold as desert. I passed on the little creature cupcakes and got tea and a veggie wrap instead.


I then took the bus to the Blue Collar Hotel. The bar on the main level reminds me of an American bar that could be seen anywhere in the south. It’s very homey and the beer is good. I’m sold on this. They’re getting a 5 star review from me on HostelWorld.

The Blue Collar Hotel

I met a few really great people that are bunking with me from all over. One man from Syria that was living in Germany. He was telling me about an exhibition he has coming up while I was looking though his work. Some of it is truly stunning. He even sketched a photo of me while we drank.

Arthur Mersi

I’m about to head to a bar on the south side of town and hopefully catch some live music. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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