Day 14

05 October 2017

Dublin, Ireland

20:00 My day thus far makes me want to go back to Edinburgh even more than I did before. I need to come back to Ireland and give it a second shot because I believe that it can be wonderful. Right now though, I’m ready to leave. I woke up and checked out of the Generator and dropped my bags at Oliver St John Gogarty Hostel. After getting a cup of coffee I stumbled upon a science gallery! I was so happy and thought this would be the turning point of my Dublin adventure. Nope. The gallery was closed due to building construction and only the gift shop and café were open. Bummer. They did however have a fantastic flyer outside that made my day a little better.


I found my way to Trinity College and was walking the grounds when I found the library. I heard it is gorgeous inside so I quickly made my way to the entrance. €13 to get in. I’m trying to travel on a budget so I am not paying to get into a library.

The Long Room. Trinity College Dublin.

I needed food so I went into the first good-looking place I found. I can’t remember the name of it but it’s ok because it was some of the worst Italian food that I think I have ever had.

After spending a lot of money on bad food I end up in Saint Stephen’s Green. It’s a beautiful little park kind of close to where I was staying. I sat with the birds by the water while I was thinking of what to do next.


I passed the Dublin Castle while walking back to the hostel and was able to get a pretty decent photo. I went through the Garda Museum rather quickly because at this point an awful headache was setting in.


Back at the hostel I took a short nap trying to feel better. It didn’t work. I forced myself to get up and go get food. I was hoping that it would magically make me feel better then I could find a pub with some good music. Nope. Although the food was good, I really need to just go to sleep.


I will for sure give Ireland another go but when a city gives you a migraine that is my sign to leave. I am heading off to Eindhoven, Netherlands tomorrow!

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