Day 13

04 October 2017

Dublin, Ireland

19:00 Last night, I was thinking about having a drink at the hostel bar while I was having a look around but I went immediately back up to my room when a man started talking to me. It was along the lines of: “Going for a walk? Come take a walk outside with me.” He then grabs my arm and pulls me. “Come outside with me.” Hell. No. I took the long way back to my room incase he’s continuing to follow me. I went to sleep after chatting for a bit and checking in with everyone back home.

Generator Hostel Dublin

Today I did a whole lot of nothing. I went for a walk and took a couple photos then went to a café to write a little bit and relax.

I went back to the hostel to plug in my laptop then headed out for a walk. I wandered aimlessly for a while then realized I was quite far from the hostel. Then I got rained on for about half an hour while walking back.


That’s enough exploring for today.

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