Day 11

02 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland

I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave. I feel like I fit here. I’ve been trying to find that place. The place that I could stay and live and work and I can feel it here.

Ok. Getting on with it… Today was another great day. Cold. But still great. I wasn’t planning on going to the castle but of course I jumped at the offer when opportunity arose. Also, I will take any excuse I can to be able to spend time with a person that I have recently met.

I had an awesome vegan chili quesadilla for breakfast at a very American feeling pub in Leith. The Brass Monkey. I could’ve been eating my way through the vegetarian options there all day if I’m being honest. After that we walked for a while past pretty awful street performers. Normally, you have to pay a bit to get into Edinburgh Castle but because of wind and some other reason only part of it was open so it was free.

Cemetery time! Greyfriars Kirkyard. Home of the now-famous, because of J.K. Rowling, Thomas Riddell and William McGonagall.

Dinner was at Origano and I hate to say it but that was possibly better than any pizza I have had in the States. I can sleep now!



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