Day 9

30 September 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland

14:00 Last night was the best night that I have had in a long time. This whole trip I have felt that constant deep feeling of natural happiness but it was even better last night. The energy, people, scenery of life here all came together to create a euphoric high that lasted until the next morning. We only get to experience that occasionally and it’s important to realize and appreciate those moments. The right person, the right time, the right you.

Women’s restroom stall wall in La Belle Angele.

With that said… I did have one little thing that was upsetting. The hostel made a mistake of putting me in a two-bed room and moved me into a six-bed.

Breakfast today was at Leith Depot and I’m not exactly sure what I was eating except for the beer battered pickles and sweet potato chips. Most of it was good and some of it must have been a more acquired taste.

Leith Depot

18:00 Most of today was spent wandering around aimlessly and not doing much of anything. I walked myself into exhaustion and I cannot wait until tomorrow!


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