Day 7

28 September 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland

17:00 I went on a walk today and was so at peace, it was amazing. I walked down to the Scottish Museums of Modern Art but they weren’t open yet. I ended up walking through Dean Cemetery. I don’t know how I managed to spend so much time just walking around a graveyard… I always end up wondering that.

Dean Cemetery

The cemetery lead me into Dean village and down a river. The trees and greenery surrounded me as I extremely carefully made my way down slippery wet dirt stairs down to the water.


The path led me to homes lined along the river that were so cute, it looked like something out of a story book. Part of me wants to see how much it would be to buy one of the houses here but I know that it is most likely far higher than I can afford so I will save myself the pain of finding out.


I came across St. Bernard’s well and man riding his bicycle stopped and told me the story of it. I guess he could tell I was trying to figure out what it was. People say that the spring by the Water of Lieth was discovered by someone in the 1700s and became a popular spot with the locals and travelers because the water supposedly had healing powers. Under the dome above the well is a statue of the Greek goddess of health, Hygieia. You can still go down and drink from the well but it was closed today. The man said that it has a strong sulfur taste and not worth trying it because it tastes bad and it’s all a bunch of bull.

I just got to the Safestay hostel and it is the nicest one that I have been in so far. Everything is very clean and it is set up like a regular hotel. It figures that the only nice hostel that I booked for the trip so far, I’m only in for one night.

Safestay Edinburgh

I’m going out tonight and hopefully I’m not sneaking out the back halfway through my drink to go back to my room. I can’t say that I’m expecting Edinburgh’s nightlife to be too exciting. I’ll let you know how it was tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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