Day 8

29 September 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland

14:00 I had a very lovely evening. Nearly everyone is Scotland are so nice. It’s quite unusual but I’m loving it. I went to a couple of pubs and I could see becoming a regular at one of them if I were to stay longer. The Banshee Labyrinth. It’s an extremely cheesy alternative/goth bar that I wish was back home in Tampa. There is also a theatre in one of the rooms that I need to go back and check out.

Banshee Labyrinth

I had a full “vegetarian Scottish breakfast” at the Fig Tree Bistro. That was definitely my favorite full meal since I have gotten to the UK. I was sitting in the little garden patio in the back. The weather was perfectly cool and only a little overcast. I could’ve laid down and stayed there all day.


I walked around for a couple hours and got to Holyrood Park. It was so green I couldn’t help but to sit down in the grass and stare off into the distance for a while. In my wandering, I have found that the best way to be happy is to just walk. To anywhere and nowhere. Find yourself in awe of any surroundings. Once you get to somewhere that you like, sit and observe. Your mind will be still and you can hear the world around you.


After the long walk I found my way into Bonningtons. A new café that re-opened about two months ago. For being newly opened and having a new owner there is already a steady flow of regulars. One of which says that the paninis are life changing. That’s a lot of hype for a panini but the sandwiches do live up to the comment. There is a great selection for vegetarians and vegans which is the main thing that I always look for. So, not only is the food and coffee fantastic, the owner is also one of the nicest people I have met here.

Bonningtons Eaterie

17:00 I checked into the Cowgate Hostel and I am so happy! I booked a 6-bed dorm and am in a 2-bed dorm that I think I may have to myself. Going to La Belle soon to see a band play and I have a feeling tonight will be even better than last. I will talk to you soon!


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