Day 6

27 September 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland

08:00 My plane landed in Edinburgh around 10:00pm and I got to the hostel around 11:00pm. I checked in and went to a pub a block down to get a taste of the night life. I guess it was a bad evening to judge any of that because it was a slow Tuesday night and that bar was closing pretty early. I had a great beer, though! Innis and Gunn. I highly recommend it. I headed back to the hostel and went to sleep.

The Hostel

15:00 I ate breakfast at a small joint called the Honeycomb Tearoom. I had very interesting coffee pancakes with dulce de leche cream. The Turkish apple tea that I had was quite good but extremely sweet.


I spent an hour walking around close to my hostel near Haymarket Station and taking in the town. The architecture is beautiful and so are the people. Most locals are coming off as very kind and welcoming so far. I could easily get used to this.


I am back at the hostel now. I am having my laundry done and sleeping the rest of the day because I desperately need it.

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