Day 4

25 September 2017

London, England

19:00. Today has been a fantastic day! I don’t want to leave London so soon. I could easily spend a whole year here and not get bored. I met up with a girl that I met at the airport, Penny, who is so beautiful and intelligent. She is from London but spent the last year in Montreal and spent some time in Manhattan. We met up a café called The Timberyard (TY Seven Dials). I had earl grey tea, of course, and a vegan chocolate beet cake. So. Good.

TY Seven Dials

We went into the Somerset House which is a building with a large courtyard inside that has a large fountain in the middle in the summer and an ice skating rink in the winter. I didn’t try to get a good photo because there was some construction being done. Once on the balcony, we met a girl from Paris that is doing her first year at King’s College. After an hour of talking, Penny and I headed to the Tate Modern.

Somerset House

We ended up in the National Theatre for tea and hot chocolate. I made note that I need to plan and get tickets to a show for next time I am in London. We made our way to the Tate and in front was a man making hundreds of bubbles with a sign saying he was heading to Morocco. He lightened up the gray day with smiles and bubbles.


The Tate was so large and I wish I had more time to explore it. A replica of my all-time favorite piece of art, Little Dancer Aged Fourteen, a sculpture, by Edgar Degas was on display in one of the rooms. The replica is painted bronze with muslin and silk where the real one is pigmented beeswax, clay, metal armature, human hair, silk, linen, and cotton. It’s amazing what you can stumble upon by accident. When I am back in America I will go see the real one!

Little Dancer Aged Fourteen 1880-1, cast c.1922 by Edgar Degas 1834-1917
Little Dancer Aged Fourteen

We went up to the café on the sixth floor where we had a cider and were observing a French couple that were on a date next to us. The poor man seemed like he wanted to run away at times. We imagine that it was probably their first date and quite possibly their last as well.


After the gallery, we walked over to St. Paul’s Cathedral but didn’t go in because there seemed to be a lot going on at the time. We had a small snack at Itsu and now I must sleep.

St. Paul’s Cathedral


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