Day 1

22 September 2017

London, England

03:20. I am stuck in the Starbucks at Victoria bus station with no Wi-Fi until 07:00. I have been here since 02:30. Never again in my life will I land in a new place late at night by myself. My phone lost all connection and all I can do is sit and wait. I can’t order an Uber and there is no way I am getting in a taxi. I told myself not to spend any money on Starbucks because I drink too much of it at home but here I am sipping on burnt bitter coffee that tastes like how a bus station smells at 3:00AM. I did make a couple friends though! A man from south Florida and a cool pigeon that is patiently waiting for his latte. *** I highly suggest you try to avoid landing in a place that is new to you late at night. You may end up in a sketchy place, in the middle of the night, cut off from the world, spending all your savings on bad coffee. ***

Phillip the Pigeon

03:30. I just knocked over my coffee. Way to go, Kat. “Don’t call attention to yourself!” SPLOOSH! At this point I want to get on a bus going anywhere but there’s no way I’m going late night exploring with a backpack and a suitcase.

05:30. I had Wi-Fi for two minutes and for an Uber to the hostel and dropped off my suitcase. I then walked about two miles to a 24/7 grocery store. After that I broke the heel of my shoe and had to walk barefoot. I was able to catch a little more internet while passing a different Starbucks than before to send out a few messages. Yay.

I found some great art on the London School of Osteopathy.

07:00. I can’t check in but the woman at the desk gave me the code for the public rooms. Two words. Naked man.  – Welcome to Europe! – I tried logging onto the Wi-Fi on my laptop and my phone. Apparently, I can’t connect either of them to this. I’m still in the dark as of right now.

10:00. I just walked, roughly, a combined three miles and I am now at Fuckoffee. This place is so fantastic. This alone restored my interest to further explore London and surrounding areas. The baristas are so friendly and willing to help. A huge bonus is that they cater to vegetarians and vegans. They have vegan yogurt parfaits, quinoa bowls, and of course non-dairy milks for your coffee, teas, and smoothies. I went simple and got the cold brew with soy milk and a hot regular coffee so I could really taste the coffee and judge fairly. Holy guacamole. I would stop by England every morning before work in Tampa every day if I could. The atmosphere is the icing on this fabulous fantastic mocha-licious cake. It’s got that homey and welcoming feel while also being super hip and trendy. With that said, I can’t wait to go back to the hostel so I can finally sleep.


15:00. Finally. Sleep.



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