Hot springs are definitely a tourist draw for many countries. A hot spring is a spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity.  Hot springs are naturally warm and welcoming and can be found in many different places, from the US to Antarctica. Here is a list of 6 of the most beautiful and unique hot springs in the world.

1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

blue-lagoon-iceland-vj-standing-landscapePhoto via Follow me away

While this gorgeous destination may not be considered a “hot spring” by definition, the blue lagoon in Iceland is one of my top bucket list items. It deserves a mention here for sure. Since its formation in 1976, people have been visiting the lagoon to bathe in its silica-rich water for its health benefits.

2. Shizuoka, Japan

  fe9020595131609766b73c4f69c41e68Photo via Pinterest

Japan is famous for their beautiful sights and natural attractions. Hot springs are of one of the many popular draws to the more rural areas of Japan. Some of the best hot springs in this country are located in the Shizuoka region.

3. Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale basins        Photo via traveljunkiediary

The hot springs in Pamukkale are especially stunning. they are naturally created from a hardened sedimentary rock called travertine.

4. Diamond Fork (Fifth Water) Hot Springs, Utah

extra_large_8406b8d8181428ec18607b3ff272347cPhoto via Chelsey Helleksen

This gorgeous hot spring is known to be the most picturesque hot spring in the world for obvious reasons. Just look at those colors!

5. Squamish-Lillooet Area, British Columbia

sloquet-7Photo via Tripadvisor

Tranquil and full of lush greenery, the Sloquet hot springs in British Columbia is a “hot” tourist spot for travelers looking for a relaxing excursion.

6. Termas de Puritama, Chiletl-horizontal_main

Located in the Atacama desert at an altitude of 11,400ft, this tranquil hot spring surrounded by geysers and volcanoes consists of 8 pools all connected by walkways.  Puritama is a desert oasis perfect for a romantic swim with your sweetheart while visiting Chile.


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