You are in the heart of Toronto, it’s 10 AM and your tummy is growling something fierce. You are not sure whether you are craving sweet or savory, but you know you need something soon. Well, have no fear, for Crêpes à GoGo Spadina is likely just around the corner. Founded by Chef Veronique, a Parisian woman with a strong, bubbly personality and desire to only serve the best crepes made with the freshest ingredients. For real, I could not imagine crepes better than these.

Her crepes are delicious and if you want something refreshing to pair them with you absolutely must try Chef Veronique’s signature beverage named “Limonana”. Limonana has been described as a love story between Véronique and her exotic travels. It is a subtle mix of fresh and natural ingredients. Chef Veronique has put so much love into her business you can taste it. Making all her crepes from scratch right before your eyes, you can tell she has mastered her craft.

If you are planning on visiting Toronto, consider stopping in to have some brunch with Veronique and indulge in some great eats. If you ask nicely, she may even let you behind the counter to snap some photos. Wink, wink.


Check out the full menu on her website by clicking Here

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